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FirstStop bridging loans.

FirstStop bridging loansFirstStop Bridging Loans are an actual lender of short term secured finance. Even though we are based in Chipstead, Surrey, we do offer funding options for both homeowners and businesses throughout England, Scotland and Wales.

Whilst our main lending arm is bridging finance, we do have other types of borrowing on offer such as auction finance, revolving credit facilities, asset finance and business guarantor loans.

However, primarily, we tend to focus main on the traditional option to bridge a gap for our clients. So even if you have been refused elsewhere, feel free to get in touch. We still might be able to make you an offer.

First things first though, it must be stressed that any land, property or any frm of other asset used as security for your borrowing needs could be liable for repossession should you fail to keep with your interest repayments or are unable to clear the monies advanced to you.


Landline 1:0845 474 4743 - Landline 2: 0203 287 7169


How our bridging finance works.

When you call us with an amount you would like to borrow, there are a few key questions we would like you to answer before we make an offer of financing.

  1. How much would you like to borrow?
  2. What is the value of the property or land you would use as security?
  3. What is the outstanding mortgage/remortgage on said property?
  4. Are there any 2nd charge loans or other lines of credit secured against it?

We do not have to use your credit history as an ingredient into preparing a bridging loan quote for you as do, and regulary have and will, lend to people wth an adverse credit score. Bad credit is not a problem with us. We base our funding package on equity and the actual LTV (Loan To Value).

If, from the information you provide to us, we believe that you have ample equity, we will prepare an offer in principle for you to digest. If you are happy with bridging loan quote, the next step is to organise an independent, local surveyor to come and assess your properties true value. This is the cornerstone of our offer of bridging in fact. If the valuation comes in on target, we can geniunely offer the the 'in-principle' quotation. However, if it comes in lower, we will hve to adjust the initial offering adjusted to this shortfall.

There are no upfront fees or 'lock-in costs' from us. If you do not want to proceed, you don't pay anything other than the price of the phone call getting in contact with us. However, if you are happy to continue to use us as your lender, then we can get our legal department to draw up an agreement, which you can present to your lawyer or solicitor to get signed off on. As soon as we receive the paperwork back, we can electronically disperse the funds to you. You can apply online here.

1st and 2nd charge bridging loans.

We offer both first and second charge bridging finance. Basically, a 1st charge is when you are mortgage free. When you borrow this way, should you default on any type of secured funding you put in place after borrowing from us, we will be the number one creditor. So we will be offered to be paid back first by your debt counsellor.

A 2nd charge bridging loan would place us behind your mortgage provider should you end up being repossessed. Your mortgge provider would be cleared first, then us.

We also offer regulated and unregulated bridging loans. Regulated lenders are governed by the Financial Conduct Authority. To learn about the difference click here to visit the FCA official website.

Good and bad credit lender.

If you have a good credit score, rather than basing your borrowing purely on equity we can factor in your great report to bring you a very cheap bridging loan. However if you have a poor or adverse credit history, then you financing will be based solely on your equity. Unfortunately, as this is a higher risk investment for us, it would be factored in to your bridging loan rates of interest.

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