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Easy bridging loans.

Easy Bridging LoansHere at EasyBridging, between our lenders, we have over forty five years experience in preparing bridging loan quotes. The same can be said about our lending also.

We are a transparent lender and will explain every step of the process to getting a cheap bridging loan in place. It's starts from when you first contact us right through the completion and repayment.

We use our own funds for your borrowing requirements so you are never left hanging we you need your funding quickly and most importantly, completely hassle free.

We also strive to bring you the best deal possible from any private lender in the United Kingdom, which means no upfront administration charges, set up fees, or 'lock-in' costs. This means that if you decide not to use us as your preferred lender, you don't have to pay us a single penny.


Landline: 0845 467 9798


Quick decision bridging finance.

As we highly experienced lenders, we can guarantee you a fast turn around on your quote. From the moment you first make contact, to your funding being electronically despatched, you will find that the whole process of borrowing from us is smooth and efficient. We will even instruct a local valuation to certify the true value of the house you are using as security to speed up the process.

Plus, should your legal representative drag his or her heels regarding the paper work, you are more than welcome to use our legal team, with no upfront charge to get you your quick bridging loan as soon as possible. Once the legalities are sorted, we can electronically send your money immediately, or you can selected a certain date when you require the funding.

Your bridge can be used for any purpose.

  1. Homeowner finance
  2. Business loans
  3. Auction finance
  4. Cashflow problems
  5. Property purchase
  6. Stop repossession
  7. Avoid IVA or bankruptcy
  8. Property renovation or refurbishment
Business bridging finance.

We are experts in commercial financing too because not only are we lenders, but also property developers, so we understand the fundamentals of how business works. We can offer unregulated business bridging loans, which means a lower rate of interest compared to a regulated option. In other words, cheap bridging loans for commercial use. Financing for business can be used for any purpose.

Bridging the gap for homeowners.

Homeowers can have choice. Whether you want closed or open bridging finance, 1st or 2nd charge bridging loan, or even if you want a regulated or unregulated bridge, we can cater to most request as long as the property you wish to use as security has enough equity in it to make the loan viable. Plese be advised, that if you require an unregulated option you or any family members are unable to live in the house used as security.

Click the link for more information on our website.

Please be advised that failure to clear the full amount within a predetermined time frame, or defaulting on your interest repayments could result in any land or property used as security being repossessed.

We also offer other forms of funding too, not just quick and easy bridging finance. Our produuct range includes, but is not exclusive to asset finance, auction finance, guarantor loans for business, revolving credit facilities (a clean credit history is required) and loans secured any long term business property lease. However lease secured finance is only available in the London area at this time.

We've also gathered and published ur testimonials on our website. Click here to read them.

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